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  • Nontrivial — is the opposite of trivial. In contexts where trivial has a formal meaning, nontrivial is its antonym. It is a term common among communities of engineers and mathematicians, to indicate a statement or theorem that is not obvious or easy to prove …   Wikipedia

  • nontrivial — /nɒnˈtrɪviəl/ (say non triveeuhl) adjective significant and problematic: a nontrivial difficulty …  

  • nontrivial — /non triv ee euhl/, adj. 1. not trivial. 2. Math. noting a solution of a linear equation in which the value of at least one variable of the equation is not equal to zero. [1910 15; NON + TRIVIAL] * * * …   Universalium

  • nontrivial — adjective /ˌnɒnˈtɹɪ.vi.əl/ a) Not trivial. b) Having at least one non zero variable …   Wiktionary

  • nontrivial — non·trivial …   English syllables

  • nontrivial — ˌ adjective 1. : not trivial 2. : having the value of at least one variable or term not equal to zero …   Useful english dictionary

  • Stallings theorem about ends of groups — In the mathematical subject of group theory, the Stallings theorem about ends of groups states that a finitely generated group G has more than one end if and only if the group G admits a nontrivial decomposition as an amalgamated free product or… …   Wikipedia

  • Ping-pong lemma — In mathematics, the ping pong lemma, or table tennis lemma, is any of several mathematical statements which ensure that several elements in a group acting on a set freely generate a free subgroup of that group.HistoryThe ping pong argument goes… …   Wikipedia

  • Modular decomposition — In graph theory, the modular decomposition is a decomposition of an undirected graph into subsets of vertices called modules. A module is a generalization of a connected component of a graph. Unlike connected components, however, one module can… …   Wikipedia

  • Bass–Serre theory — is a part of the mathematical subject of group theory that deals with analyzing the algebraic structure of groups acting by automorphisms on simplicial trees. The theory relates group actions on trees with decomposing groups as iterated… …   Wikipedia

  • Automorphism — In mathematics, an automorphism is an isomorphism from a mathematical object to itself. It is, in some sense, a symmetry of the object, and a way of mapping the object to itself while preserving all of its structure. The set of all automorphisms… …   Wikipedia

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